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How Not To Get Caught When You're Married And Looking: A Beginners Guide

We all know that the last thing you want to do if you decide to have an affair is to get caught. Remember that you are only trying to have a quick fling, maybe relieve some stress and then get on with your life. Here are some beginning guidelines to follow so you never get caught:

Be Careful: This may sound a bit obvious, but you will really want to make sure you are always aware that you could get caught. So rule #1 is to always be prepared and be cautious. It is only when we put our guard down that we allow ourselves the ability to get caught.

Don't Go On A Date In Your Town or City: This just means that you should always be safe and never try to go somewhere that your wife or husband, or a friend of your wife or husband might go. This means that you need to either drive to another city or town, or do things that are clearly incognito. This would include a hotel outside of town, a hike in the woods or a late night moveā€¦in a different city or town.

Plan Ahead: Remember that if you are going to have an affair, and don't want to get caught, you should always plan ahead. This means never doing anything spur of the moment. This is one of the best ways to get caught. This is because it means you are putting your guard down, and that is part of the first rule. Always plan ahead and you will have a much better chance of having an affair without getting caught.

Don't Leave Clues: Take a shower and change clothes after meeting with your secret affair. Always remember that your wife or husband might find clues that over a few months could lead to some pretty overwhelming evidence. When someone suspects you, they will first look for evidence to build their case against you. If you don't leave any clues, you will have a much hard time getting caught.

Don't Leave an Electronic Trail: With technology comes more ways to get caught. Don't save text messages, emails or any other electronic evidence that may prove down the road that you are having an affair. Always remember to delete everything, and don't just delete it to the trash - delete the trash as well, and if you can, put a password on your phone and your computer so your significant other can't snoop around while you're not around.

Know When To End It: Always know when to end an affair. When you feel that things are getting a little complicated, or feelings are getting confused, your best bet is to quit the affair right away. If you don't, you could end up getting caught no matter what you do because your affair will end up letting the cat out of the bag without your permission. Look for signs that things are getting a little too serious and always be ready to pull the trigger.

Remember that as you begin to have an affair, you are starting to play a game that can get you caught. Play the game better than your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend can play it, and you will end up on top. One of the most important things to remember is that you are your worst enemy, so if you can be as careful as possible, your chance of getting caught will decrease significantly.

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