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Married And Seeking An Affair? Five Things You Must Know If You're Thinking Of Having An Affair

Married seeking affair; three simple words that mean a whole lot. If you're not careful you might end up having an affair that you regret. However if your spouse isn't pleasing you and you feel you deserve more there are five things you need to know before seeking an affair.

Having an affair is nothing to take lightly. However, the truth of the matter is that if you're married there is a fifty-percent chance you've married the wrong person and no one said you had to live with the wrong person for the rest of your life. In saying that, there are five important things to remember before delving into an affair when you're married.

#1 - Don't Have An Affair With An Idiot: This may sound a bit harsh, but you need to make sure that if you have an affair while married, you seek someone out that isn't going to do something stupid, like get you caught.

Married and seeking an affair is one thing, but married and seeking an affair with an idiot is something else altogether. The bottom line is that you should be extra picky, especially since you're married, and this means finding the right person for your very particular needs.

#2 - Have An Affair With Someone Else Who Is Married: This may sound a little crazy, but the truth of the matter is that if you find someone else who is married, they will understand what you are going through, and should want to keep things as hush-hush as you do. Having an affair means being secretive. This means that you need someone who is going to want to be as secretive as you and who better than someone who is also married?

#3 - Find An Affair On The Internet But Don't Leave A Trail: The Internet, among it's amazing ability to make us laugh at panda bears juggling, can also serve a purpose for anyone trying to be secretive. This includes 'married seeking affair' types. There are actually some terrific websites out there for dating people and having a secret affair. Just don't leave a trail and this means locking up your computer or using an internet cafe computer. If you suspect your spouse may be rummaging through your electronic junk, then you'll want to find a computer you'll spouse will never see.

#4 - Don't Have An Affair With Someone At Work: This is probably the most tempting place to have an affair, most likely because you already have your eye on that certain someone in accounting. The problem is that you work with this person, and if you haven't heard the expression, 'never dip your pen in the company ink', now you have. Having an affair with a person at work is probably going to be a little like being married to two people, and let's face it, it didn't work out so great for the one you sleep next to every night, why wake up to bicker with your second spouse at the office? It's also much easier to get caught if you have an affair with someone at work. Seek affairs outside of places you frequent often. This is why the internet is such a great place to start as long as you don't leave behind an electronic trail.

#5 - Keep It Light And Fluffy: Yes that's right, don't make it serious. If you want to get serious with someone else, get a divorce first and then start looking for your next victim. The last thing you need to do is get serious while you're married. This causes a thousand complications that should be obvious to anyone who has ever watched five minutes of a daytime soap-opera. The point is that you should have the affair to have fun and get some sexual gratification, not to start a complicated love triangle where everyone gets hurt in the end.

Remember the three words 'married seeking affair' can be dangerous if you aren't safe, so don't forget these five tips and if all else fails, try to patch things up with your spouse before taking the plunge into affair land.

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