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Married Women Affair: Four Rules To Know About Married Women

There are probably a lot more than four things you need to know about married women, and believe me when I say that having a married women affair is much different then dating a single woman. This is because there are many more people involved when you have an affair with someone who is married and you need to know a few things before you jump in without your fins.

Rule 1: Don't Get Serious: This rule should be obeyed at all times. Married women affairs are nothing like dating women who don't have husbands. Period, end of story. The fact of the matter is the if you get serious with a married women, most likely she's going to tell you to take a hike. Of course this is not always the case and if she decides to take to the next level, which basically means going from an 'affair' to something close to a 'relationship' then you might want to take the gamble. But remember that it is indeed a gamble. So don't get serious and have a good time.

Rule 2: Don't Lose Your Head: Every time you meet a married women you have to remind yourself that she is married. That means keeping a cool head and looking at the situation outside of yourself. Understand that she has a husband, perhaps a couple children, and the wrong move can put you and her in a very bad place. You need to be careful at all times and it wouldn't hurt to pretend you're Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible. Don't call or email and don't do anything in the same city you both live in. Just be smart and stay cool.

Rule 3: Everything Is On Her Time: This means no matter what you have to fit your schedule around her schedule. If she wants to meet you at a hotel out of town, do it. If she wants you to wine and dine her on a Tuesday night, do it and if she says, 'let's slow this down for a while' do that too. It's all about what she wants and if you want to have a married women affair, you are going to have to lose some of the control you might be used to when you date a single woman.

Rule 4: Everything Is On Your Dime: You must wine and dine a married women and treat her like a lady at all times (unless of course she has other ideas). Remember that she isn't getting what she wants from her husband and that is why she is cheating on him. She wants to feel young again, she wants to have attention and she wants to feel beautiful, so do all those things if you are interested in keeping the affair interesting and exciting. Of course, some girls just want to have a little sex once and while and it is your job to know the difference when you have a married women affair.

If you follow these four rules you should do just fine, and remember that it's about having fun, but it's also about being smart.

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