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Where To Take Your Date When You're Married: A Quick Review

There are ton of great places to take a date. Now of course, if you are having an affair, then you need to understand that taking your date anywhere your wife or husband might show up, is never, ever a good idea. With that aside, here are some quick ideas for a good time:

Sporting Events: This is always a lot of fun and will keep you both entertained if the conversation goes south in a hurry.

Miniature Golfing: Always a classic and the ladies seem to love this game. It will show that you like to have fun and like to be outside.

Picnic: This one takes a good amount of planning and should only be done by the truly confident. If you have never done this before, we suggest trying it with someone you are comfortable with first. Practice makes perfect.

A Different City: If you are nearby a fun city, you can always drive a little distance to take your date somewhere he or she may not have a chance to go very often. This will show them that you are adventurous and like to explore and do new and interesting things.

An Amusement Park: This is a good idea if you know your date like roller coasters and you don't want to make the first date too romantic. This will show your date that you are not afraid to spend a little money, have a lot of fun and do things outdoors.

A Hike: Never forget that the daytime is a great first date and will relieve some of the pressure that a date after dark can have. This will keep the mood fun and a little romantic. Just remember to ask your date first, as some people don't like hiking and working up a little sweat.

Remember to be creative on a first date, and do something that will make sure that he or she remembers you after the date is over. If you are original, even if things don't go quite according to plan, you will still get some creativity points. You can also learn a lot about a person if you take them off the beaten path and this could be a good way to decide if the second date is worth your while.

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